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VO2 Max Performance Testing Available to Book

Unlock your true potential with VidaCare’s accessible VO2 Max Test. Discover your oxygen consumption during exercise and its impact on your health, including longevity and reduced disease risk. Tailor your training program and optimize performance with precise data. Additionally, our Resting Metabolic Rate Test reveals your unique caloric burn rate for effective weight management. Take control of your fitness journey with VidaCare.

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Maximise Your Potential with VO2 Max Testing

Improve your lifestyle with Vidacare’s VO2 Max testing service, available in our health screening clinic in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. This technique, once exclusive to high-performance athletes, measures your body’s maximal oxygen consumption during exercise. Conducted on a treadmill, bike, or rower, it equips you with detailed insights into your fitness level, thereby aiding in the design of more effective training programs.

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Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Understanding your VO2 Max offers a window into your overall health. There’s a clear correlation between VO2 Max and mortality, with a higher VO2 Max protecting against cardiovascular diseases and reducing risks of lung, gastrointestinal, and prostate cancer. Moreover, it’s linked with decreased dementia risk and depression symptoms. Therefore, improving your VO2 Max positively impacts your health, both currently and in the future.

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Resting Metabolic Test

In addition to the VO2 Max test, Vidacare provides the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test. This test calculates the number of calories your body burns at rest, which is crucial for those planning weight management and exercise regimens. The RMR test is simple, non-invasive, and takes around 10 to 14 minutes. After the test, Vidacare ensures a thorough discussion of the results to facilitate the design of effective training strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VO2 Max Test?

The Vida Care VO2 Max test will tell us the amount of oxygen consumption we can utilize per minute, generally speaking, the more oxygen we can utilize the better our cardiovascular fitness. It is very easily available for the high-performance athlete, but Vida Care want to make it more accessible to everyone.

VO2 max tells us the amount of oxygen consumption we can utilize per minute, generally speaking, the more oxygen we can utilize the better our cardiovascular fitness.

A VO2 max test is a maximal exercise test performed on a treadmill / bike / rower while connected to a machine capable of analyzing your expired air. Your test provides data on how much oxygen you use as you exercise and determines the maximal oxygen you can consume during exercise.

Why is it important for your health and wellbeing?

Our VO2 max and cardiovascular fitness has a direct relationship to our overall health and mortality, in fact apart from smoking it is one of the most important factors impacting our mortality and quality of life.

Having a higher VO2 max protects against cardiovascular disease, it has a significant relationship to cancer risk. An improved VO2 max decreases the risk of lung, gastrointestinal and prostate cancer.

Improved physical activity and cardiovascular fitness are associated with lower breast cancer risk in females and decreased risk of lung and colorectal cancer.

Interestingly this also holds true of Dementia. Males and females who had moderate to high fitness demonstrated significant reductions in dementia risk:

Lastly not only does improvement in VO2 decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and dementia there is a significant correlation with reduced depression symptoms in both males and females who have at least moderate fitness.

This demonstrates the significant impact that cardiovascular fitness can play on your health not just now but later in life.

What is the advantage of a VO2 Max test?

The VO2 max test is an accurate measurement of current fitness. The results will give you the ability to design a more effective training program. It is extremely popular for individuals who are looking to determine the maximal oxygen consumed during exercise.

A VO2 Max Test is a measurement that reflects a person’s ability to perform sustained exercise. It is generally considered the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. The actual measurement is “millilitres of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight.” It is suitable for a wide range of individuals, from the sedentary to elite athletes.

Cardiovascular fitness can play a huge on your health not just now but later in life.

A complete VO2 Fitness test can give trainers and clients the tools to set realistic goals and assess improvement. Consider the following:

Many people are inefficient exercisers, with no understanding of what specific heart rate, intensity or duration would best help them reach their specific goals such as fat burning, endurance training, or cardio conditioning. An initial VO2 Max test can clarify the specific target heart rates that will enable each individual to reach their fitness goals more effectively, with less fatigue and fewer injuries. Periodic retesting provides motivating feedback as the fitness program progresses.

The test also determines the number of calories burned during every level of exercise, providing valuable information when designing a weight loss program.

VO2 Max testing is a valuable tool for serious athletes to assess performance and evaluate training regimens. Even though extensive training can sometimes cause an athlete to reach a plateau in VO2 Max, he can still use his VO2 Max test results to make further improvements in performance. This is accomplished as he pushes to increase anaerobic threshold (AT) and maintain that threshold for longer periods of time. This enhances both endurance and cardiovascular performance.

How is the VO2 Max Test performed?

  1. Put on a heart rate strap and face mask.
  2. As directed by your trainer, you will start exercising on a treadmill / bike / rowing machine. You will start at a low intensity, gradually increasing the intensity of exercise over a period of 6 to 20 minutes.
  3. When you are finished, your trainer will give you a simple, insightful report that can be uploaded to an easy-to-use app.

To get the most out of your VO2 Max Test, be sure to refrain from exercise or endurance training for 24-hours prior to test, avoid food, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine for at least 3 hours before testing, and continue medications as usual.

Why have a Resting Metabolic test?

Historically, this sort of testing has been the preserve of elite athletes due to the costs. Vida Care want to make it more accessible to everyone.
Resting metabolic rate (RMR): Testing this aspect of your metabolism provides information about the estimated number of calories you burn when your body is at rest, when you’re not exercising or moving.

Metabolic rate is a measure of how quickly your body expends energy. This is also referred to as your “caloric burn rate”. Resting metabolic rate testing shows how many calories your body burns at rest, giving you the data you need to plan a weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance plan designed to succeed

Your metabolism is the sum of all the chemical reactions in your body. It is the process by which your body turns what you eat and drink into energy. You need that energy to move, digest food, keep warm, breathe and even think. The whole process is known as your basal metabolic rate.

How that metabolic rate works, and how much energy it uses itself, is determined by a number of factors, including your size, build, gender and age. Body composition changes, activity levels and diet can also have an influence.

Knowing how many calories you actually need at rest, rather than guesstimating based on age, gender, height and weight, is key when training if you’re aiming for a calorie deficit or surplus. If you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight and therefore if you eat more calories than you burn and you will gain weight.

How is the RMR Test performed?

The process is easy and not invasive; the test itself only takes 10 to 14 minutes. The operator puts the participant’s information into the RMR machine and the participant relaxes in a chair and breaths into a tube that is connected to the RMR machine. After the test, results are discussed with the participant to ensure understanding and clarify any questions.

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